Paper Trading

We offer paper trading to try out your trading ideas in real-time with our data and immediately see your returns as the price action develops. You might formalize your ideas in our Circles service where your can build an AI optimized trading algorithm based on your trading ideas you discover with us.

Paper Trading is a useful method to test your trading strategy on real-time data, but with virtual money, so neither the losses or the gains will be realized. You might want to use your free virtual paper trading account for testing strategies and events yourself manually, or by connect your AI optimized algorithm.

Opening Paper Trading Position

Our Paper Trading interface allows you to place a virtual Long or Short position on XXBTZEUR with your virtual account. If you have sufficient amount of funds in your Virtual Balance you can place a trade. Before placing a trade, make sure that you have selected the right amount, the position size via the slider.

Your position will be opened and will be shown with Profit/Loss indication. Your balance will indicate your trade at the “In positions” section.

Closing Paper Trading Position

If you would like to close your position, simply click on the Close Position button.

At the moment Crypto Theorem only offers Paper Trading mode on a “virtual” account, no real money or crypto. You can Reset your virtual account at any time for free.