News Reader

This howto is about CryptoTheorem News reader service. Our services process millions of news and social media mentions regarding to the cryptocurrencies world including RSS, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Trollbox, Stocktwits and major financial news outlets including crypto circuits.


In this howto we are going to give a walkthrough of the major functions and use cases of this service in order to explore new trading opportunities.

Scanning news

In the case if you are looking for real-time news it is the best service. CryptoTheorem NLP processing automatically highlights assets, events, time and date, organizations, exchanges, persons.

News Sentiment

Our News Reader displays every news item with colorized and designated notation which signifies the presence of common dictionary words that might determine sentiment of a text.

CryptoTheorem uses multiple technologies in order to generate sentiment indexes which might be based on keywords, statistical and NLP modeling and deep-learning models. We have to emphasize it here that news sentiment indications are informatory, they might not contribute to our overall sentiment indices and event detection. Different methods exist to measure the sentiment of an event or a news, these models might have different properties and might not be accurately aligned with the underleying meaning of a series of events. Different sentiment measurement methodologies might be applied such as polarity based methods, Eckman emotional cube, and so on.

We display the following color coded sentiment categories in basic display: [p]ositive, [n]egative, [i]nteresting, [u]ncertainty

Search News

You can always access news archive by searching on our site. Search brings results from our own search engine timestamped with accurate timestamps in order to avoid lookahead bias.

You can always find the search bar on the top of any page. The search function have predictive entry capabiltiy to save you time.


Volume and Sentiment Chart

CryptoTheorem analyses and collects wast amount of news data and scores their sentiments and event chains over a long period of time. By visualizing it we offer discovery of potential trading opportunities based on events and entities in the news.

Whenever one is using the Search function, this chart is displayed automatically on the top right on the screen.


This feature can also be brought in front by selecting pieces of text.


By selecting text, the chart will be displayed with data from the recent months.


Our interactive chart is displaying the absolute hits of volume of mentions in our data feeds and absolute highlights for positive and negative events. This view helps discovering significant events, and might help to better characterize the followup wave of events.

The top side of the chart is showing absolute mentions of the selected term.

The bottom side of the chart is showing absolute mentions of positive and negative keywords in relation to the selected keyword. By clicking on one of the bars on either chart, brings and additional filter into the text view and filters the news to the particularly selected date, or on which bar on has clicked on. This feature is helpful for pinpointing events and do a drilldown like analysis.



Due to the large volume of news influx (also that might be a reason also for using our service), we show you a short snapshot of the recent news we encountered with, which is no older than 1 hour.

You might see 3 months backwards with our default chart configurations.

Beta features

You might invoke beta features, such as topic detection and event flow visualization with

  • SHIFT+4: Event flow visualization
  • SHIFT+5: Topic detection

Event Flow Visualization


Topic Clusters