Auto Trader

The AutoTrader runs your strategy on real-time data. 

You can execute your strategy online, creating a tradeable signal.

This means we host your strategy in the cloud and feed it with real-time data.

At this point you have 5 options to proceed:

  1. a) Receive alerts from your running signal. You are copy-trading at your discretion. 
  2. b) Connect your Exchange Trading Account API keys to trade your signal.
  3. c) Publish your Signal and/or your Strategy to our Strategies marketplace. 
  4. d) Proceeding with AI optimization to achieve better results based on your strategy.

AutoTrader operates on high-frequency real-time data collected by CryptoTheorem. During the operation of AutoTrader we grant granular access to the internal state and immediate decisions of the strategy that you are executing.

Autotrader is equipped to operate with any trading style (Buy/Hold, Limit, Long/Short, Leveraged) that you choose in your strategy.

AutoTrader records every tick's state and trade order book, with instant evaluation. All transactions, that are initiated are logged.

AutoTrader is equipped with mandatory pre-trade risk evaluation logic that is customizable by you.

Autotrader is equipped with flash-crash protection, that suspends execution if price volatility thresholds exceeded.

CryptoTheorem has extensive experience with exhange integrations and algorithmic trading, AutoTrader puts safety measures in case of Exchange and Data availability and integrity issues.