Hardware Design Engineer


  • Will work with a team of brilliant engineers and programmers to implement the lowest latency and highest throughput algorithms in digital logic
  • Will design algorithms in FPGA logic for Layer 3 to 7 network processing systems
  • Will implement FPGA applications with software APIs that will be deployed worldwide
  • Will be able to communicate design requirements with customers


  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering (completed or in progress)
  • A deep understanding of parallel and pipelined computing systems
  • Knowledge of protocols used in switches, routers, and network appliances
  • Understanding of TCP/IP and network security
  • Experience with version control (CVS, git) and code management
  • Experience with RTL design, simulation, and synthesis using Quartus, ISE and/or Stylus in VHDL or Verilog
  • Experience with parallel and pipelined computing architectures and programming languages (OpenCL)
  • Familiarity with multiple bus protocols including PCIe, AXI and Avalon
  • Understanding of complete design flow of FPGA development process


  • English