Professional Services

With extensive backgrounds in quantitative finance, software development and algorithmic trading, our expert development team provides additional professional services to help you leverage your CryptoTheorem investment.

Our professional services team has a deep understanding of the best practices for implementing a quantitative strategy with CryptoTheorem. We can efficiently assist you from early proof-of-concept to live trading.

1. Automate or migrate an existing systematic trading strategy

Developed for maximum flexibility, CryptoTheorem can accomodate any trading strategy that can be defined quantitatively. The tradeoff is that CryptoTheorem is not trivial to use. Get up and running faster by letting us help turn your trading model into a fully automated strategy with smooth and robust execution via CryptoTheorem.

Read our Real-World Examples page to see how we've helped other clients.

2. Improve and optimize an existing strategy

Today's markets are fierce. There is no place for approximations or miscalculations. Therefore your trading strategy must be optimal and robust. We can help you thoroughly analyze, optimize and improve your trading models. Whether via backtesting, detailed quantitative analyis of all aspects of your strategy or review of utilized pricing models, we ensure that no stone is left unturned. From parameter optimization to design and implementation of custom algorithmic order execution, we will help you unleash the maximum potential of your strategy.

3. Prototype and backtest a new strategy

Do you have an idea for a systematic trading strategy that traditional platforms cannot accomodate? We can prototype and backtest any possible systematic strategy in a time-efficient manner, quickly providing you insight into its expected return, eventual pitfalls and signal algorithm valifity. We can create customized quantitative measures to evaluate your trading model, ensuring that your strategy is ready to be implemented before the opportunity vanishes.

4. Develop custom functionality

While CryptoTheorem provides nearly complete freedom for strategy development, our clients sometimes need additional, use-case specific features or tools integrated into their CryptoTheorem system. Be it a specific broker adapter, a custom management front-end, and interface to an in-house back-end system or inclusion of an external library, our experts can implement your CyptoTheorem-based trading requirements