Do I need a separate account on exchange to use CryptoTheorem strategies?

I have an error on my strategy

Is there a minimum account balance to have to launch a strategy?

Why did my strategy stopped with "tampered" message?

How to monitor deals your bots make?

Handle opposite market moves with safeties?

How to manage active deals?

How to measure bots performance?

How to add more funds?

How many exchanges can I add?

What IP does CryptoTheorem use?

What to do if there is a problem with connecting and exchange?

If I have successfully created my trading bot, Will I be able to make it available for people to use?

How to set the trade amount dynamically?

Is there a way to break up an order from a trading bot, in order to avoid slippage?

What is a market order?

What is a position?

What is base currency?

Which OS do I need to have?

Is this software free of risk?

How do I get support?

Do this software really works?

Can I get rich with this trade bot?

Will more exchanges be supported?

Will more indicators become available?

Can Telegram receive notification?

Do you have a free trial?

Is it safe?

Do I need to deposit funds?

How much profit can I make?

Is it easy to use?

Why should I use CryptoTheorem?

How does CryptoTheorem help me trade cryptocurrency?

What are the benefits of using CryptoTheorem?

I am new to automated trading. What is the best way to get started?

How do I pause/start a strategy?

Where can I see the performance of my strategy?

Can I choose between limit and market orders?

Can I backtest my strategy?

Do you have any technical analysis indicators of charts?

How do I connect API keys from the available exchanges?

How quickly do strategies get executed?

I've linked the exchange to CryptoTheorem using API keys, however, the balance is not shown correctly.

I've created a strategy, the conditions have been met, but no order was triggered.

The strategy was set to buy/sell at a specific price but the executed price on the market was different.

Does CryptoTheorem take a commission on trades?

How secure is CrypoTheorem?

How to switch AutoTrading from one exchange to another

Can I AutoTrade in multiple exchange accounts?

Can Open AutoTrade positions be modified?

What fees are involved with AutoTrading?

Are my funds secure?

Do my orders get routed through your servers?

How can I change my API keys?

I get a key already registered error.

If my machine goes to sleep, will my bots keep running?

Can I encrypt my API keys?

Can I use a VPS?

What are the minimum machine specs I need?

How does Margin/Leverage trading based strategy works on CryptoTheorem?

Where do trading bots run?

How do you guarantee that my algorithm remains safe and unseen by others?

How do I get support, report bugs, or suggest features?

Why does CryptoTheorem need my API keys?

Common CryptoTheorem API Key issues

I got data is too old error while running my strategy

Does CryptoTheorem detect deposits and withdrawals?

What coins does CryptoTheorem support?

How many exchanges can I connect to CryptoTheorem?

How does CryptoTheorem make money?

Does CryptoTheorem have a whitepaper?

Does CryptoTheorem have a Bug Bounty program to report security vulnerabilities?

Is CryptoTheorem a crypto exchange?

What if I don't own any crypto?

Is CryptoTheorem a financial advisor?

What about the tax authorities and my CryptoTheorem investments?

Why is my AutoTrader pending?

Can I stop a bot that is trading?

Can I withdraw my money?

How do I know what my strategy is doing?

What happens with my money when I stop a bot?

Does a bot automatically stop trading?

Can I stop at any time?

Can I always start a bot?

Can the strategies go short as well?

Can I also invest with CryptoTheorem with a business account?

Why does CryptoTheorem need my passport, driver license or ID card?

What kind of identification documents does CryptoTheorem accept?

Why are my available funds fluctuating?

Is CryptoTheorem registered at financial authorities?

How do I know how much risk I take when using the CryptoTheorem platform?

Who has access to my funds?

What makes using the CryptoTheorem platform different from normal (manual) trading?

Do you charge any costs when depositing money on a strategy?

Can I lose money when trading on the CryptoTheorem platform?

Are there withdrawal fees?

Is there a minimum amount that I can withdraw?

Is there a minimum or maximum deposit size?

Why are you making CryptoTheorem available to the general public rather than just running it in-house?

Why are you making CryptoTheorem open source?

Paper Trading

Paper Trading explained

Enable Paper Trading

How to reset Paper Trading

Account Questions

How to open a Support Ticket

How to add your Kraken API key to your CryptoTheorem dashboard.

How to add your Binance API key to your CryptoTheorem dashboard

How to reset your password

How to create an account

What to do if 2FA access is lost?

I am not receiving emails from CryptoTheorem

Enable 2FA to secure your account

How to change your email address for logging into CryptoTheorem?

Strategy Designer

The strategy designer overview

Working with the circles

How to read and understand your Backtest results

Import or Export a Strategy

What coding language do you support?


What are marketplace strategies?

Creating a bot using Marketplace strategies

I bought a strategy and set up my bot, why isn't opening any deals?

Is there any advice, any suggestions to help be choose a strategy?

Who owns the IP of a strategy?

What is Risk Score and how is it calculated?

Who can list on Marketplace?

Publishing and Listing on Marketplace

How do you guarantee that the strategies on the marketplace are not used for scamming people?


Available Subscriptions

How to subscribe to CryptoTheorem

Pay with cryptocurrency

Troubleshoot cryptocurrency payments

Do I lose trades when my subscription ends?

How to use a promo code?

How to apply a referral code?

How to get an invoice?

Can I change my subscription?

I want to upgrade the service I purchased

Where can I cancel my subscription