Event Impact

This is CryptoTheorem’s main screen, displaying Bitcoin’s Sentiment index, price, and crypto market capitalization data. You have access to our search engine, our event annotations. You can find numerous cryptocurrenties, assets and organizations in our database that we track and have sentiment signal available with novel event detection capabilities.

Data and charts that are provided on a provisionary basis might help our members tracking their trading performances, market sentiment data and create novel ways to trade on markets with our Circles trading system.

Sentiment and Price index

  • Sentiment Index: Displaying the current and historical General Sentiment Index for the selected topics.

  • Price index: Displaying the current and historical spot price for the selected asset.

  • Market cap / custom index: Displaying the market capital or the selected indicator.

  • Pinpoint in time
  • Display event annotations

Event Annotations

Event Annotations is one of the greatest features of CryptoTheorem for traders. It shows price and global sentiment indexes aligned and highlights important events that might have sentiment implications, and which might effect the price in the short term as the information about the event dissipates in the market.

You can see details of significant events incorporated to our Sentiment Index. These sentiment indexes are specifically measured for assets and organizations. Within this context significant events are marked with annotations.

Annotations bring information about the general sentiment of that event. Many times we process events before significant price effect.

This is a property of CryptoTheorem that we make these events algorithmically tradeable. You can do this with CryptoTheorem. You can see prices and sentiment indexes with event annotation. You can incorporate sentiment and events into your quantitative or algorithmic trading strategies. This is CryptoTheorem’s edge. We offer our members a window to peek into the general sentiment and major events that might affect the price. Our members might collect events into sets that can be validated on guarenteed bias-free data and create trading signals based on their ideas.