Todays crypto-markets are driven by social chatter


Ever noticed how things in crypto get really exciting, people start making crazy predictions, and suddenly at its highest point, everything turns for the worst?

Then at the pit of despair, when the crowd thinks all is lost, fortunes turn again? We call this the "sentiment wave" and Derivative Lab is all about measuring social chatter so that you can make ideal trading decisions.

Hype, fear and greed dominate the cryptocurrency price action. Derivative Lab delivers clarity, with market sentiment content and data feeds that cannot be found anywhere else.

Trade with confidence

Stop trading in the dark. Get a regular stream of curated market news and insights, with updates on blockchain happenings, trends and sentiment. All avaialble in easy-to-grapsh newsletters, articles, and reports, and aggregated from across the world.

Never be blinden by the crypto-markets again

Derivative Lab gives you the daily pulse of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Get exclusive content streams from a network of crypto trading and investing experts

Minimize Risk, Maximize Profit

Think you can find market patterns, but just need the data to prove it? Are you a quantitative trader, looking to trade at speed and scale? Waith no longer. Derivative Lab brings you hard numbers as we build the world's largest library of datafeeds, specifically for cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

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