Create, backtest and deploy trading strategies with Crypto Sentiment, Drag & Drop strategy designer and AI optimization.

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How it Works?

We collect news, public disclosure and other public data to determine sentiment and price impact for various events, assets and organizations.

All data you need!

  • 2,000+ Assets including Cryptocurrencies
  • 1,200+ Event types
  • 5,000+ Organizations and thought leaders
  • 150+ Technical Indicators
  • Massive data, up to 24 months tick data

All you need to succeed!
Powerful trading tools for everyone

  • Intuitive Drag & Drop strategy builder
  • Free & unlimited backtest without any restrictions
  • AI Optimization
  • Strategies Marketplace
  • Automated strategies running 24/7
  • Detailed log of the strategy execution
Exchanges supported*

Crypto Theorem supports the major exchanges allowing each of its users to benefit from the service over its entire portfolio.

* Integration through API is possible (Read Guide, Security).

  Sentiment Index

Explore events that move the markets

  • Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins
  • Exchanges and Wallets
  • ICO & STO Tokens and FinTech Startups
  • Equity Stocks
  • Commodities, FX
  • GeoPolitics and Society
  • Global Macroeconomics
  • Central Banks
  • Custom Sentiment Index

Easy but Powerful

Use drag & drop to create your strategy with no coding skills.

Enjoy powerful technical analysis indicators, sentiment analysis to build your strategy.

Use top-notch simulation features to validate your strategy before it goes live.

Combine any of the text or quantitative models together with One click.

Create new trading signals from news events.

Train Your Model and Profit

Use our AI with sentiment indexes to find the best trading opportunities and create your own strategy.

Backtest your model with historical data,
Execute on Exchange or Paper Trade your stategy.

Rent proven strategies or monetize yours to generate incomes.