Create your Powerful trading bot,
with code-free Drag & Drop strategy.

Insights based on Crypto Sentiment,
Algorithmic Trading and AI.


How it Works?

AI methods to keep track of sentiment and price impact for various events, assets, organizations.

All data you need!

  • 2000+ Assets including Cryptocurrencies
  • 1200+ Event types
  • 5000+ Organizations and thought leaders
  • High Precision, High Frequency Data
  • Public Listening, Social Media, Spam/Bot Free
Strategy AI & Trading

  • Simple to understand and visualize
  • Trailored to your criterias
  • Transparent and explainable
Learn about our AI optimization and Algorithmic Trading system.

  Sentiment Dashboards

Sentiment Dashboards cover a wide range of organizations, assets with an overview in the following categories:

  • Channels and Sentiment on Maps
  • Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins
  • Exchanges and Wallets
  • ICO Tokens and FinTech Startups
  • Stocks (For Non-US visitors)
  • Commodities, FX
  • GeoPolitics and Macroeconomics

Algorithmic trading without programming

No AI engineers or PhDs required.

Choose from our indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to sentiment analysis based on social media listening.

Combine any of the text or quantitative models together with One click.

Create new trading signals from news events.

Monetize your winning strategy as CryptoTheorem partner. Buy pre-made strategies from pre-screened traders.

View Performance Reports and reviews and buy only the Best Strategies to match your trading objectives.

 Train Your Model and Profit

Use our AI with sentiment indexes to find the best trading opportunities and create your own strategy.

Backtest your model with historical data,
Execute on Exchange or Paper Trade your stategy.

The Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for signals, templates and strategies.

Exchanges supported*

* Integration through API access token (Read Guide).