Automated trading platform that allows you to
Take advantage of crypto sentiment fluctuations.

How it Works?

Our system makes use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and
Complex Mathematical Models following the approach of Quantitative Finance.

Easy Access
Select, Connect, Trade.
Your strategy can start working for you as little as 30 seconds. We let you access our market connectivity infrastructure.
No Code Platform
No problem even if you are a beginner. Our specialty is Strategy Generation Technology with no coding experience required. Explore alchemy of finance with no strings attached.
24/7 monitoring
Setup your strategy & relax, let your strategy monitor the market for you to seize opportunities even while you sleep. We have Risk and Order Management System in place for you.
We don't ask for private keys. We don't hold custody of your funds. Your funds will remain in your own account on your crypto exchange. You can withdraw and deposit any time.
You can view the history of all trades with timestamps after signing up for a free account. We have full transparency of each and every strategies on our platform.
Strategy Generation
Our AI/ML models dynamically adapt to constantly changing market conditions, delivering trades with high win-rate.

What we do?
We collect and combine data. Price, order book, news, and discussions to determine sentiment index and price impact.

We Create Opportunities
  • 2,000+ Assets including Cryptocurrencies
  • 1,200+ Event types
  • 5,000+ Organizations and thought leaders
  • 150+ Technical Indicators
Sentiment Index Technology

Crypto Theorem is the fastest and most comprehensive way to stay on-top of the rapidly changing and global cryptocurrency market. Information in digital assets is siloed across thousands of unique sources and market participants miss market moving news.

Our technology helps isolate signal, letting market participants focus on the significant developments that matter.

We parse through over 10,000 sources in real-time, including exchange announcements, court cases, chinese publications, token issuer blogs, regulatory rulings, and more.

No Code Algorithmic Trading

Create your own strategies to trade event-driven opportunities.

Combine Qualitative & Quantitative models and take advantage of powerful technical indicators and sentiment indexes.

Risk-free backtesting with historical data and paper trading on your favorite crypto exchange.

Pre-built crypto trading bots

Traders getting familiar with automated trading prefer to use our pre-built
trading strategies. These custom bots are loaded with historically proven
strategies that only require you to configure settings in order to deploy on an exchange.

Let the accumulation trading bot buy and sell your coin of chice while hiding your true position.
Crypto Index
Maintain your own self-managed crypto index.
Advanced Crypto Index
Our advanced index trading bot gives you greater control over your self-managed index.
Email Alerts
This trading bot allows you to integrate TradingView email alerts as signals for your bot.
Flash crash
Quickly deploy grid based trading bots to protech your positions.
Text Predict
Created using text datasets and machine learning for premium markets.
Market Maker
Quickly add liquidity to markets.
Scalper Bot
Great for taking a little bit of crypto off the top.
Simply places predefined orders in sequences as each target price is reached.
Ping Pong
A different approach to scalping
Inter-Exchange Arbitrage
Take advantage of spread discrepancies between exchanges.
Zone Recovery
Designed to perform risk management for open positions on leveraged accounts.

Strategy Marketplace

Strategy Marketplace gives you access to institutional quality trading strategies for a fraction of the price.

Strategy Marketplace combines powerful technology with strategies that the average investor would not typically have access to. Large institutions and hedge fund managers keep the best strategies for their highest-paying customers.

Our goal is to keep your cost low while allowing you to access top-quality financial strategies. Marketplace gives you a unique chance to access strategies typically reserved for the elite.

Powerful trading tools
  • Sentiment Signals via Web, RSS, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Strategies running 24/7
  • Trade Alerts via Email, Telegram, Tradingview
  • <1 ms trading latency
  • Drag & Drop strategy designer
  • AI Optimization
  • Unlimited backtest
  • Support for Spot and Margin trading
  • 150+ Technical Indicators
  • Encryption of API keys and strategies
Trade on Exchanges

Crypto Theorem supports the major exchanges allowing each of our users to benefit from the service over their entire portfolio. Trading is possible on multiple exchanges.

* Integration through API (Read Guide, Security).